Employment Law

We understand the vital relationship between the employer and its most valuable resource, its employees. Every day we call on our extensive experience advising employers and individual executives in order to provide seasoned, knowledgeable counsel with respect to a wide variety of matters that arise during the course of employment relationships. Whether we are working with a newly-formed startup company, a mature operating company or an individual executive, our approach is always consistent, to provide quality and timely service with a pragmatic and proactive approach toward resolving the particular matter at hand so that our client’s business objectives can be achieved.

We have chaired various disciplinary hearings, advised employers on steps to take to ensure fair dismissal and/or retrenchments; and have also advised employees on whether the steps taken against them by their employers constitute grounds for complaint. We regularly litigate and appear in mediations and arbitrations, both at the CCMA and privately, as well as in the Labour Courts.